who You might meet

Founder of bondworks.co

Co-founder & community manager at Canvas coworking space

Co-founder of Collision 8 and Founder of Core Collective

Co-founder & CEO of Hubud

General manager at Greenhouse

Head of Experience at Hubud

Co-founder of Indy Hall

Co-founder of Gorillaspace

Founder & CEO of Telliskivi Creative City

Director & Co-founder of 91SpringBoard


Community Geeks

Founder & CEO at The ikiFounder Network

Director of Redbrick Offices Ltd

Founder at Deskmag

Cofounder of Guanxi.AI & Advisor to Slush China

Founder of Coworking Mag

CEO at Glover Daniels International

Co-owner at Hubud

Marketing manager at OfficeRnD

General Manager at Core Collective SG

Co-founder of the Daftar India

Founder of Likuid Ventures

Founder and Creative Director of Ministry of New

Founder & CEO of Vorq Space

Chief Executive, aCubeNow®

Director at PAPER+TOAST

Head of Partnerships at Hubud

Co-founder at Nexudus

Co-founder at Nexudus

Founder at Startup Toowoomba, President at Canvas Coworking

Co-founder of Cobot

Co-founder Agora RDM

Techstars' Regional Manager for South and Central Asia

Communication specialist at Cobot

Founder of Remote Explorers

Cofounder at CoLo Life

Founder of Evolve Coliving


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