Coworking Unconference Asia 2019: Coworking is Growing Up!

5 days + big ideas + industry leaders + the world’s most delightful destinations = the Coworking Unconference Asia, since 2015.

Bali, Thailand, Malaysia,
FEBRUARY 20-24, 2019

In 5 years we’ve welcomed 1000+ participants from over 40 countries into our community. Coworking space operators, workplace and education futurists; global media and trend bloggers; tech innovators, government officials and digital nomads; proptech and design firms; plus real estate, investment and venture capitalists– they’re are all part of the CUasia conversation. And you should be too. If you are coworking curious, come along! There’s no better place to talk about SCALE than India.

It’s not a conference
it’s more than an event
It’s an experience.

If you are interested in the coworking industry, Asia is the place to be. And if you are looking into ways of growing your coworking space, India is the perfect country to go to.


CU Asia is an opportunity to consciously step out of the busy-ness of the business world and to meaningfully explore high level industry questions with peers and top experts from around the world. It’s a chance to inspire, and be inspired by the rapid and mindful entrepreneurial growth in the Asia Pacific, the world’s largest coworking market.


What you won’t want to miss:

20 Feb, 2019 (WEDNesday)

Spotlight India

A day to celebrate, showcase and explore the Indian coworking and startup ecosystem and connect it directly with global partners. Meet your fellow coworkers, listen to true stories, share differences and similarities and be part of a growing country tribe.

21 Feb, 2019 (THURSDAY)

Coworking Academy

This full-day, pre-event workshop is designed to help new or prospective spaces accelerate their learning on the Big 4 of Coworking: Community, Finance, Operations, and Programming/Events.


If you’re planning on opening a coworking space, or want to learn more about running a business hub, this one is for you! You’ll learn how to manage and create a successful coworking space from some of the biggest minds in our industry.

22 Feb, 2019 (FRIDAY)

CU Asia Day 1 - Keynotes & Panels

The first day of the main event! Hear from coworking leaders and adjacent industries about how and why coworking is helping people live, work and learn differently in the new collaborative economy. 


Check out our first speaker’s below. 

23 Feb, 2019 (saturday)

CU Asia Day 2 - The Unconference

They say decisions are made by the people who show up, and an unconference is no exception. It is the ultimate adventure in emergent, topical, cutting-edge, talk-about-what-really-matters-to-you discussion!


Bring your insights, speculations, queries and burning concerns– it’s all on the table at CU Asia. 

24 Feb, 2019 (Sunday)

Goa Excursions

You’re in Goa, after all, so don’t forget to indulge in everything incredible India has to offer– the fabulous food, glorious beaches and friendly people don’t begin to cover all that’s on offer.


Sign up for our post-conference excursions and you’ll figure out why the world calls Goa the ‘Rome of the East’. The costs? On us!

Keynote Speakers

We’re excited to give you our first speakers’ teasers! In keeping with our theme: Growing Up, we’re bringing you key players from the entire shared workspace ecosystem. Here’s a first look of our line-up:

Employer Brand Ambassador at Selina
Marcela will share the journey of how Selina went from a boutique hospitality company to a Coliving leader, raising over US$ 100 million to support its expansion to 30,000 beds by the end of 2019 in 18 countries… and some of the pain that comes with such rapid scaling.

Founder & CEO of Telliskivi Creative City
Jaanus will tell us of how he built a thriving ‘Creative City’ in Estonia out of a series of abandoned factories, without the help of government or big brands.

Founder at Deskmag
Carsten will lead the second edition of the Deskmag game show— everyone’s favourite way to stay on top of the latest and most comprehensive data on the Asian coworking ecosystem.

Cofounder of Guanxi.AI & Advisor to Slush China
Mahdi will explain how artificial intelligence is the new frontier in deepening and widening our community connections, and is the secret ingredient to making our communications have a greater impact in the world.

Cofounder at CoLo Life
Lachlan in his talk will try to answer a question Who Hijacked Coworking? The term coworking has been hijacked by the flexible office industry, broader real estate sector and people looking to cash in on the trend v’s invest in building a real community. True coworking operators need to take the term back.

Founder & CEO at Hubud & Hubud's Co-owner
Steve, together with Renée, will share how the coworking movement has moved far beyond physical spaces toward making significant impact in psychosocial, environmental and socio-economic spaces too.

Event pricing

Whether you join us for all five, just three or even one day… we will make it worth a while.


$ 40
  • Spotlight India
  • Coworking Academy
  • CU Asia Day 1
  • CU Asia Day 2
  • Goa Excursions​

This ticket will give you access ONLY to Spotlight India event on Wed, 20 February 2019.


$ 320 Until Jan 31, 2019
  • Spotlight India
  • Coworking Academy
  • CU Asia Day 1
  • CU Asia Day 2
  • Goa Excursions

This ticket will give you access to CU Asia Conference (22-23 February) and Goa Excursion (24 February). 


$ 550 Until Jan 31, 2019
  • Spotlight India
  • Coworking Academy
  • CU Asia Day 1
  • CU Asia Day 2
  • Goa Excursions

This ticket will give you access to the full event: Spotlight India, Coworking Academy, CU Asia Conference and Goa Excursion (20-24 February 2019).

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Have questions? We’ve got answers.

ALL-ACCESS Pass will give you an access to the main event on 22-23 February (Fri-Sat), which we call CU Asia Day 1 & Day 2, followed by Goa Excursions on 24 February (Sun), as well as the pre events:

  • Spotlight India (20 February 2019,Wed)
  • Coworking Academy (21 February 2019, Thus)

Standard Pass will ONLY give you an access to the main event o the main event on 22-23 February (Fri-Sat) followed by Goa Excursions on 24 February (Sun) but NOT pre-events (Spotlight India or Coworking Academy).

If you only wish to join Spotlight India you can get a seperate ticket just for this pre event. However, you cannot get Coworking Academy ticket separately. It’s only sold as part of the ALL-ACCESS Pass which is limited.

CU Asia is for everyone who is interested to learn about the fast-growing industry or to get an insights from corporate innovation side of things. Whether you are a coworking operator, coworking member, a coworking enthusiast, an academic, a researcher, an investor, or a government.

This is definitely a perfect event for you! You will meet people who have experience in running coworking spaces and learn from them. You will also meet key stakeholders that could help you later grow your coworking businesses.

We would highly recommend you to join our Coworking Academy event on Thursday, 21 February, where you will learn about the Big 4 of Coworking Space: Community Engagement, Coworking Finances, Coworking Operations, and Programming & Events.

When we speak about a rapid growth of coworking spaces, we know we should be in India. India has hundreds of coworking spaces spread out over the country, with a massive amount of startups, investors, and supporting stakeholders.

However, we know that in order to bring the best experience, we need to get out of the busy city life to a place where we can indulge ourselves in the fabulous food, glorious beaches, warm temperature and friendly people; therefore it’s Goa.

Good news! We’ve prepped a little guide to help you planning your trip. It’s jam-packed with info on, oh, just about everything you need to know about the event and Goa! Grab it here.


If you are interested in coworking and the future of work, the worker and the workplace, then you need to be at CU Asia. Sign up to stay in touch.