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Bali - February 2020


Together we’ll dive deeper, go wider, think more critically and act more urgently to create  a brave new world of living, working and learning differently. 



Join us on the Island of the Gods for an interactive community experience like no other.  



Don’t miss CU Asia 2020… or you’ll miss out on the magic. 

A New Vision.

 Reach Further.

We’ll host experts from industries and disciplines well beyond the coworking world… but explore their ideas and innovations using a distinctive coworking lens. 

CO-Create more.

We’re involving more of our community in co-creating the experience… so they can trade their tools, talents, and experience before, during and after the event.

Get Real!

We’re raising the bar on conference content by including more interactive activities and more academic research, so the event is more critical, robust, intelligent and engaged. 

Then What?

It’s a great event, but what happens after? We’ll work harder to concretize the proceeds of our community… and turn powerful conversation and into real-world action. 

A new Experience.


Morning Message from our speakers:

Inspirational and Aspirational Speakers. From disciplines and industries all around the globe. 

They will rock your coworking world.


Ideas and Innovations fair

Products, offers and invitations from people and projects that will make your work easier, better, and more interesting.  (Don’t worry, we’ll be *very* discerning)


interactive experiments and Unconference meetups

Tell-alls. Hot seats. Experiential workshops. Experiences that engage the hands/head/heart of our community with one guiding principle: “Show me what you do so I can do it too”. 


Social events

It won’t just be a party. 

It will be a party ++

Let’s bring connection to a whole new level with a smorgaasborg of social activities… so you meet people in new and different ways. 



COWORKING: Workwellness

We’ll explore how, why and what to do if you want to make wellness a priority for your coworking community. From neuroscience to nutrition, learn about the importance of creating beautiful buildings that can also encourage resilience in the workplace… and how this can make your space distinctive in the world of work.


CoLearning: education futures

Find out why the coworking world is perfect place to play host to an education (r)evolution.  We will explore new and different ways of learning that are more responsive, less expensive and more accessible than traditional education. We’ll also meet people who are doing learning very differently… 


building better communities

How do we create deep connections between people, and then leverage the potential of that connection? What spaces do people really want to live and work in? What do they look like, feel like, act like? How do they work– behind the scenes– and how do we make them truly sustainable? 


Systems Innovation for Social Impact

What can coworking do for the world?  This will be a day of inspiration and aspiration in its highest form. We’ll try and tackle some of the world’s biggest problems– from mental health to climate change, to marginalization and rapid urbanization– so we can ask what our communities can do to make a difference, together. 

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Cocreate with us?

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  • Sell CU Asia passes to your community
  • Suggest speakers
  • Introduce sponsors or partners
  • Volunteer at the event
  • Lead a workshop
  • offer expertise
  • Share your talent or trade: singing, dancing, or performance art (high value coworking-friendly products are all welcome).  

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Blast from the Past

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Partners & Sponsors

From entrepreneurs to developers, marketing managers, CEOs and policymakers – all of our 5,000 attendees are looking to stay on top of the latest trends

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Welcome to BALI

We’re excited to give you our first speakers’ teasers! In keeping with our theme: Growing Up, we’re bringing you key players from the entire shared workspace ecosystem. Here’s a first look of our line-up:

ancilliary events

We’re excited to give you our first speakers’ teasers! In keeping with our theme: Growing Up, we’re bringing you key players from the entire shared workspace ecosystem. Here’s a first look of our line-up:


Coworking Academy


Bali Excursion


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